Thursday, June 24, 2010


Koh Lanta is a true Ecological Gem, the perfect combination of sea, sun, fascinating rainforests, mysterious

mangroves, birds and wildlife. Visit home to a huge variety of flora and fauna, cliff Eagle, jungle tortoise, monkeys, birds, lizards, bats, King squirrels, butterfly and etc., There are enough things to experience to excite the adventurous as well as the ardent naturalists among us.
  We appreciate the beauty and fragility of nature, take you off the beaten trails and always adhered to strict ecological best practices standards.      Journey with us to experience the wonders!

  DISCOVERY KOH LANTA EVERGREEN RAIN FOREST (Located southern of Koh Lanta mainly very perfected of nature, rainforest, caves, and Waterfall called "Klong Jark" This is a very nice small waterfall just only one Waterfall in Koh Lanta  (Waterfall season from May - November and on December to April no falls), but depending to the rain.

Meet Koh Lanta's Wildlife

With the arrival of the rainy season, flowers blooming and bountiful fruits, babies and migrants alike fills Lanta's wildlife scenes. Join our naturalists and get to know our birds and wildlife up close and personal

   Discovery Koh Lanta Nation Park Evergreen rain forest and an ancient trail
that Sea Gypsy and local people use for communication between  East and West of the Island. Pre has the road people communication by boat and walks over the mountain.
  Overall, this is an enjoyable walk but it can be hard - going at some points off the walling path. Just take it easy, follow the path at your own rhythm and you will get there eventually. Drinking water are provided.